Big Boss Contestant did something very shamefull inside her pants

Audience get to see something interesting everyday in the popular T.V show Bigg Boss. This time also many things are making audience shocked or laughable. Recenly, Rishabh Sinha was seen licking the finger of new comer Priya Malik. After which Priya puts allegation on Rishabh of sexually harassment. Late night also Priya did something that will make you damn shocked. During one task Priya urinated in her pants. Yes, this is true. Actually the task was this that the contestant have to spent his maximum time inside a car. Prince, Roshel, Priya, Kishwar and Suyash successfully completed the task. Priya wanted to go to the toilet, but she had to win too, so that's why she urined inside the car only. She not only urinated in front of the contestants but also did not care about the camera. Kishwar also did something like this, She spits in the water and gave it to Rishabh to drink, Audience are critisising her for this. Now lets see the reaction on this Priya act.