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Now getting attracted to Bollywood's biggest studio / production house, short films and web series. These days the digital segment are keeping in mind and are making the content because online audience is growing even faster. slide 2 3G and 4G mobile Internet has changed the future of entertainment content. With Hotstar and other channels mobile app, you can see serial to live match in all smart phones. The trend of short films is increasing. slide 1 These films and series are made in economical budget from 50 lakhs to 3 crores One good thing is that big banners are heiring directors and actors sitting empty and production professionals have also begun their work. Bipasha was not getting any movies, so she did ewn series of Eros. Many junior artists and technical fields are getting work because of this. What Bollywood says : Trade analyst Amod Mehra: Audience watching web series or shorts films at theater / multiplex will never reduce. Film critic Raja Sen says, "Fast-growing online market has a lot of things easier. Web series and short films are part of the same. For more details click on the slides…. 1-number2number 3-number