Sunny Leone's nude photo on the website of Hyderabad Municipal Corporation

Hyderabad Municipal Corporation got ashamed when on the website of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, nude photos of ex Porn star Sunny Leone was seen. Now it has been removed. When the officers there saw nude photo of Sunny and some adult site link, then they were shocked. with this nude photo of Sunny Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation offsite Real Time Monitoring System was also affected. This department keeps his eyes on trucks who collects garbage. The technical team removed the nude photo of Sunny Leone for the website, then they were started coming on another page. Officers told website is managed by Centre for Good Governance. This is been told that no police report was done in this case, but Development minister Rama talked to the officers. GHMC officer told, 'website is managed by Centre for Good Governance, so it's their responsibility.