Now Censor Board has suggested 100 cuts to a Gujarati Film

Now Censor Board again has suggested 100 cuts to a Gujarati film. This case is linked with the film 'Sadgato Sawal Anamat'. This is based on the issue of reservation. Censor Board suggested 100 cuts to this film. Board has raised question on selecting such Emotional topic. Has also expressed their problem on treating Hardik Patel (Leader of Patel Reservation Movement) as hero. According to Co-producer of the film, Jaypratap Singh, he has filed an appeal infront of review committee against the decision of Censor Board. With small Budget, this film will release on 17th June. Means when Udta Punjab is releasing . Director of the film said, 'Now we have delay the release. Censor Board has asked to remove Patidaar or Patel word, remove the content that makes you remember Patel Movement, remove the reference of B.R Ambedkar. Director Rajesh Gohill said by this they are trying to ban freedom of expression and Creativity. We tried to convince Censor Board. We also said that film is not only based on Hardik Patel, but they said that the hero in the film looks like Patel.