Daily Shah did counter attack on Salman Khan's gf Lulia Vantur

News was that Lulia Vantur don't want Salman Khan to keep his friendship with Daisy Shah. Lulia also talked to Salman's family about it. But when Daisy got to know about this, she did not believed. She blamed media for this. According to the report, When Daisy was asked about it, she said, 'See, there is nothing like that. Media is showing any news without any facts.' When anything comes about a celebrity, then, media is only blamed, Daisy Shah also did this. But Daisy was asked about her relations with Daisy, then she said, 'I am not her friend, So it doesn't matter to me, I respect Lulia because she is friend of my friend, only this relation is with Lulia, apart from this, I don't know anything about it. I met her as Salman's friend, Apart from this, I don't know about her. This is been heard that Salman and Lulia soon are going to get married, is this true ? Daisy says, 'I think, Salman is a right person to give this answer. I don't know what is going on with their marriage. Salman and I are good friends. I talk on many topic, but we don't talk much about personal life. Khan Family close source told that Lulia talked about this to Salman's family, when he ignored it, so in this case his family has given Salman and Arpita warning to stay away with Daisy. Family of Salman agrees with Lulia.