Notice given by Maharashtra Government to Shahrukh Khan, Govinda, Ajay Devgan

Shahrukh Khan has been given a notice by Maharashtra Government. Food Department of the Government of Maharashtra has issued notice against Shahrukh Khan on doing ads of Gutka and Pan masala. Apart from Shah Rukh Khan,actor Ajay Devgan, Govinda and Manoj Bajpai has been also given the notice. There is a ban on tobacco and pan masala in Maharashtra. The government has issued a notice to those artists who are promoting Pan Masala and Gutka. The actor Shah Rukh Khan and Manoj Bajpai advertise 'Pan Vilas Paan Masala. For this he had contracted 20 crore. Also Ajay Devgan advertise for Vimal Pan Masala, Pan-e-Shahi is advertise by Govinda. Actress Huma Qureshi and Nawazuddin Siddiqui advertise for Cheney Cheney tobacco, but government has not issued any notice to them.