'NH10' Director's Next Movie Will be With Anushka Sharma

Director Navdeep Singh's movie 'NH 10' mettle of her acting Anushka Sharma that is set to once again work with Navdeep. But it will not be a sequel to the film NH 10. Director Navdeep denied the fact that his next film will not be the sequel of 'NH10'. However Navdeep accepted that the next film are going to make in Canada. He are going to make a gangster drama film that 'NH10' will not be as severe. It will be a love story.  'He further stated that his film 'NH10' was the story of the village, the story of the film will be shown at the Canadian Love Story'. Navdeep are working on another film that would be a spy thriller, he said, 'I'm working on another film to see what is ahead'. Navdeep says his film is being produced by Anushka and he produced a film which has been working in the film unfolds.