Mika Sinha supported by Rakhi Sawant in Molestation case

Singer Mika Singh again is in controversy. This time a model has accused him for sex exploitation, but you will be shocked to know that Rakhi Sawant is supporting Mika, who once was his target. You must be remembering his Kiss case. In a Birthday, he kissed Rakhi, after that many controversy were created. Rakhi also filed a case against him. Today Rakhi has supported Mika. She was told as Mika's Gf also. Now Rakhi is telling him as her friend. Rakhi said that they are good friends, she saw tears for the fir time in Mika's eyes. Rakhi said, 'I heard his crying voice for the first time, you can say me as Mika's Lawyer, Friends or XYZ. I have no problem. This time he is innocent. He has not done anything that he has to go jail or Police station.' 32 years old actress accused Mika for Molesting her and filed a case in Versova Police station. According to one police officer, Model used to go to Mika's house and that only he molested her. Mika also registered a case against the model for doing fraud of 5 crores. Mika told police that, Model threatened him that if he did not pay her then she will destroy his career. Let me tell you, Mika is accused with many allegations before. He was also trapped in 2014 Hit and Run Case. He was alleged for hit a rickshaw and to injured a man. He also slapped a Doctor in Delhi during an event.