Malaika Back to her Husband, you will be showing seeing this photo

This year many relations were made and many were broken. In this Arbaz Khan and Malaika Arora name was also included, who suddenly decided to get separate. After too much speculations, both came up on their decision and later fulls stop was used on all the discussion about this relation. But one photo has changed the path. See this photo, one question arise that is Malaika back to her husband? Seeing this photo, many questions will strike on your mind that, have are together again. But people who were wishing to see them together will be happy. Arbaz sister Arpita shared this on Instagram and whole family is present here. Malaika is sitting behind Arbaz and is smiling. Khan's family Let me tell you, this photo was taken on the occasion of EID. So Malaika celebrated EID with whole Khan family. Ahil is also seen in the photo, Salim Khan's all daughter and sons and their wife and husband are seen. Maybe Salman Khan is not seen in this photo because of Malaika. News also came the he was seen ignoring Malaika in India's Got Talent. Malaika is judge of this show. Let me tell you, Malaika tried a lot that his brother relation to get fine, so he talked to Malaika also, but she did not listen. So maybe that's why problems between them are also created.