Mahesh revealed : Parveen was afraid that Amitabh will kill her

On 4th April, it's 67th Birth Anniversary of Parveen Babi. Born in Gujarat, Parveen Bolly died in 2005 in mysterious circumstances.There are many factors and stories in her life, which people don't know.Very less people must be knowing that when Amitabh Bachchan and Parveen did many superhit films, Later Parveen began to understand her enemy. This was told by Mahesh Bhatt in an interview to a magazine, who was in live in with Parveen. Mahesh Bhatt in 2014, talked openly about his relation, love and leaving his alone. He also expressed her sadness on her life and death. He told that because of disease, Parveen's mental condition was destroyed and began to understand Amitabh as her enemy. In 1980, Shaan shooting was going on. Title songs was to be filmed. Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi kapoor, Bindiya Goswami, Johnny Walker, Bindu and Parveen Babi was on the set. Shooting was just started but Parveen stopped the shooting. She denied to stand under the chandelier. She alleges on Amitabh and said, he want to kill me with this chandelier. Ramesh Sippy is also included in this planning. After Parveen allegation, shooting was stopped and she was removed from their. With this allegation, whole industry was shocked. By this time Parveen and Amitabh were superstar. In 1979, one days when Mahesh came to the house, then he saw that Parveen is wearing film costume and sitting in a corner, she has knife in her hand. As she saw Mahesh, she asked his to stay quite and said, 'Don't talk, there is someone in room. He is trying to kill me. This was the first incident, when Mahesh got shocked. He never saw this face of Parveen, then she started doing this daily. When shown to the doctor, then Parveen was suffering from schizophrenia. Despite of treatment, Parveen illness was not getting recovered. She has this fear in her heart that somebody wants to kill her, after sometime, she started thinking that there is bomb in her car, she used to get afraid with the sound, seeing this condition, she was then locked inside the room.