Huge Crowd came to see Bajirao Mastani and Bahubali at Brics Film Festival

Bajirao Mastani and Bahubali are two such movies of Hindi Cinema, which not only makde wonders at the box office, but got famous at international level. Strong Story, Solid Characters, Amazing acting, Great Special effects and due to Strong Direction, these two films were able to won audience heart. Both the films which were appreciated by the audience, did same in Brics Film Festival which is happening for the first time in Delhi.Both the films were released long time ago but people were still excited to see it. Film Bahubali was screens in Monday, whereas Bajirao Mastani on Tuesday. Interesting thing is this that huge crowd came to see the film even on weekday. There were many people, who did not got seat and they saw the movie sittting on floor of Sirifort Auditorium. Rahul who came to see the film said, 'I have seen Bahuabli before also, but the special effects of this film is so amazing that I like seeing it everytime.' 20 films were screens from the countries like Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa in the film festival which went for 4 days. Organisers told, ' I & B Minstry choose these films from the special process. So many people came to see the film that Halls was competely filled. We had to close the entries, because space was not left.' Festival which went from 2nd September to 6th September. Films like Tithi, Cinemawala, Bahubali and Bajirao Mastani were able to get success from India. You may also know : Upcoming movies List Box office collection 2016