Who made him superstar, that person only flopped Shahrukh Khan's Fan

Although Critics appreciated Shahrukh Khan's recent released film Fan, fans also liked it. But film died soon at the box office. Let me tell you, till now fan has collected 81.15 crores. Whereas to get hit, Fan had to collect 125 crores. Well, there is no doubt that Fan has gone in the list of Flops. Lots of Loopholes were taken out of the film. What was mostly heard was that the second half of the film was quite boring and film could be shorter. Let me tell you, film was same as audience demanded. But Aditya Chopra made many changes in the film. According to the first script, second half of the film was crispy like first half. But Aditya Chopra wanted to change it completely. If to believe the sources, then Shahrukh wanted to keep the film short. But Aditya did not listen. Spokesperson of Yashraj Film has said all this as rumour. But all the credit should be given to Aditya Chopra in making the film flop.