Know why Kajol has not been able to see Ajay Devgn's Shivaay yet

Although Ajay Devgn has cleared that censor board has not seen Shivaay till now but he forgot to tell that his wife Kajol has also not seen the film. Actually, Ajay Devgn constrainedly has to tell that censor board has not seen the film yet because in media it was stating that the film has got one cut and it will release with U certificate. Then Ajay Devgn has to come out and tell that censor board has not watched the flick yet and how much cut the film has got for that you have to wait. Ajay Devgn is taking the steps of this second directorial venture of his career. This film is like Ajay Devgn's career in one hand as he has given his three years to the film. The film even put on hold due to financial issues from Eros but then Ajay Devgn brings his friend production house Pan Films. The film contains many secrets that's why Ajay Devgn is giving any details as soon as possible. He wants to keep all these things secret. Even Ajay Devgn has not shown this film to his wife Kajol. Recently when Kajol was asked that did she watch the film. So she said I am eagerly waiting and ask Ajay why he has not shown the film to me yet. However, later Kajol herself give the clarification on it and said actually the prints of the film are not ready yet and as soon it will get ready she will one of person who will watch the flick first. You may also like :- Ajay Devgn cleared clarification for Shivaay Ajay Devgn's Shivaay has five villains