You will definitely remember these 7 things from M.S Dhoni's biopic

Seeing the experience of cricket cool captain and countries most successful captain M. S Dhoni on the screens will be interesting. The story of the middle-class boy is narrated very well on the screens. How Dhoni took care of Family, Friends, love and what all problems he faced to reach hs dreams, seeing it will be interesting. Seeing the life of Dhoni in M.S Dhoni : The Untold Story, I'm sure you will not be able to forget it ever. 1 : In his childhood, Dhoni used to play Football and Cricket coach asked him will he do wicket keeping and then he said I don't like playing with small balls, this thing is shown good in the film. 2 : In his childhood, he used to get Sachin posters in his house and used to stick on the wall and once he took an autograph from Sachin, but for someone else. This you will remember after coming out from the hall. 3 : Dhoni always had some different space for his friends and this is told amazingly in the film. His friend only taught him to play Helicopter Shot. 4 : Dhoni's bike craze is also shown in the film and how he gets his first bike by saving the stipend. 5 : Way competition between Yuvraj and Dhoni is shown in the film, nobody must have seen or known it. During a match in this film, Pervez Musharraf commented on Dhoni's hair, that scene is also amazing. 6 : First meeting of Dhoni with his of Priyanka Jha is shown in an original form and even his life with Sakshi is also shown very interesting. 7 : The most important thing in the film was Dhoni's face converted to Sushant's face through VFX was amazing. You will definitely clap seeing the film. You may also know : M.S Dhoni : The Untold Story Trailer Box Office collection of M.S Dhoni : The Untold Story