Kareena Kapoor will leave Saif Ali Khan

Karisma Kapoor is soon going to get separate from her Husband Sanjay kapur. The case of divorce have reached Supreme court. Now during Promotion event, Kareena said, I feel like leaving Saif Ali Khan and then get married to Arjun kapoor. Actually, Kareena and Arjun are in news because of their upcoming film 'Ki and Ka'. One song of this movie got released on Women's Day. In this regard, Arjun made food to impress Kareena Kapoor. Let me tell you, Arjun don't know how to make food in real life, but he made it for Kareena. Seeing this Kareena was impressed. In Ki and Ka, Arjun kapoor will be seen cooking food. In this he is playing role of an House Husband. Whereas, Kareena here is playing role of a career oriented women. Let me tell you, Said even don't know how to cook. But when Arjun made something for Kareena, then kareena got impressed. Arjun sat on his keens and offered the food to Kareena. Seeing this Kareena said, feeling like leaving Saif and get married to Arjun.