Emraan hashmi got the chance to look Azharuddin Personal Album

Indian Cricket Team's Former captain Mohammad Azharuddin has shared some photos with Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi. Which will be used in the film, which is based on his life. Emraan Hashmi is playing lead role in the film 'Azhar'. He only expressed his desire to Azharuddin to see some personal photos album, as he could understand his life easily. One source told that to understand Azharuddin life, Emraan wants to see his personal photos. Some photos are with his Grand parents and Parents and also of Indian Players in dressing room. Recently, Azharuddin also reached the set of the film. Motive was to take his suggestions in some scenes. Emraan said, 'This is humility of Azharuddin that he opened his heart and home for us. He believed out team. He shared his moment with us. Shared such photos, that we never saw. Told about his life.