'The Kapil Sharma Show' team reached Aaj Tak to promote their show

The Kapil Sharma Show whole teams shared some interesting things on Aaj Tak. Recent, first episode was shoot in Indira Gandhi Stadium, in which Superstar Shahrukh Khan was there. Why he did not shoot his first episode in his Studio but in Delhi, infront of live audience, on this Kapil Sharma said, ' I wanted to see, after so long break, whether people have forgotten me or not. But it was not such, we got lots of love from the audience while shooting the first episode. Seeing the crowd, I thought that people love us today also like before.' His co star, Sunil Grover, Sumona Chakravarti, Chandan Prabhakar also shared talks about their character. Come lets know : There was lots of discussion about Kejriwal's joke by Kapil in the first episode. Kapil siad about it, 'If I want to know the climate of Delhi, then I see Arvind Kejriwal on news channel. If he has worn muflar, then its cold and if no, then its hot.' Kapil on twitter fans, he said, ' Before making an account on twitter, you should have liseance, because today anybody tweets anything to anyone. Like a guy from Hoshiarpur is tweeting Obama, 'Paji Viza nhi lag rha'. Now How is Obama your's Paji. Sumona Chakravarti who played his wife role in Comedy Nights with kapil, she has revealed about her character in The Kapil Sharma Show, Sumona said, 'when we went to many cities for the promotion of the show, then me and my teams got to know that people think I am her real life Wife. This time she will be seen an Young Neighbour in this show, who studies in college.' 2 Sunil Grover was seen in different style, wearing a cloth on this head. When asked about his this look, then he said, 'I feel Indian in such style and it is mostly wear in Villages, so I love this.' 3 He told about his character Guthi, that people now call with that name only, when in the first episode, I cam as Policeman, then audience started shouting that Guthi is entering as Policeman, Kapil siad, 'People have started calling him Guthi Sir, Sunil told he will be seen in different character in the show. Chandan Prabhakar as Raju in Comedy Night with kapil, this character also won hears, in this new show he will be seen as making tea on stall.