Kapil Sharma said that he will not force anyone to watch a movie worth 200 crore with a ticket of rupees 900

There is a good news for the fans of comedian turned actor Kapil Sharma. His debut movie "Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon" has dne a great business on the box office. Kapil Sharma has announced on Twitter that, soon he will be producing a movie. Kapil Sharma through Twitter told his fans that his next movie will be "13 August 1947", that will produced by K9. Although who will be director and actors of the movie this has not been decided. Now it will be interesting to see that if Kapil Sharma will only produce this movie or will do even the acting part. In an interview given to English newspaper Hindustan Times he talked about his next film and said that he will make a low budget comedy movie. He added that he is happy to get this love from the audience. We always think to do something new each time and gets good response also. This even increases our responsibility and had made me think that my next movie will be totally different. Nothing has been finalized as of now as our idea keeps on changing. Talking about the budget of the movie, Kapil said it will surely be a comedy movie and will be good. There has been many Bollywood movies made on these topics and many actresses are there. But in my film there were three. I had not assumed this much big. Along with being a low budget movie it was a clean comedy movie. Kapil added that he does not want to make a movie with a budget of 50 crore. He wants to something the audiences like. He added that he does not want to make a movie with 200 crore budget and allow the audience to pay 900 rupees for one ticket. Talking about his first film Kapil said, the movie collected the amount in one day that their entire team had expected. He feels that the people would have thought that he will surely not make vulgar comedy. Before the release of the movie the team had done a survey, in regard to the response of the movie. According to that survey it had came out the movie will make an opening of 6 crore. Kapil said he has no idea that the survey is done with the youngsters only. What is that for the old people who does not use entertainment and will surely watch the movie. And the movie exceeded all the expectation and collected 10 crore on the first day.