'Julie 2' Makers Get A Legal Notice From The Producer Of Movie 'Julie'

The makers of ‘Julie 2’ are really happy with the way the trailer of their erotic movie got noticed and has created a buzz. The movie will be released with another erotic movie ‘Aksar 2’ starring Zarine Khan on the same date, but the movie has managed to steal the thunder from the other, with some or the other news cropping round it. But now the movie is again in news but this time it is a legal thing. The makers of the movie ‘Julie 2’ have faced an obstruction. The reports are that N R Pachisia, who produced the first part of Julie, starring Neha Dhupia, has made an appeal in Bombay High Court yesterday where he has charged co-producer Deepak Shivdasani who is also the director of the movie and who also directed the movie ‘Julie’, Vijay Nair and distributor and presenter Pahlaj Nihalani with trademark and copyright infringement. As per the producer N R Pachisia he has sent many written letters and undertakings that they can’t title the movie as ‘Julie 2’ or call it a sequel, but the makers have still illegally and unethically gone ahead and produced a movie using the title, without taking any permission or license from the producer of the first installment. He also stated that the Director Deepak Shivdasani has also used identical looking posters and trailer from his first directed venture to mislead the audience by associating the movie with Neha Dhupia starrer ‘Julie’ The news is that Pachisia has initiated criminal proceedings for cheating and copyright infringement against the makers of the movie. Now, this can be a big hindrance for the movie to get released in theatres on 6th of October.
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