John Abraham walk off from the show of Krushna Abhishek 'Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza'

Well, actor John Abraham who badly smashes villains in the film, he in very calm in real life, but when fun was made regarding one of his old films, then John Abraham lost his control and left then show immediately. Name of this show is 'Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza', in which John Abraham went to promote his upcoming film 'Force 2'. According to the show's format, the celebrities here are roasted. The sometimes fun of their movie is made or sometimes comments are done in his lifestyle. Most of the celebs enjoy this, but when it goes to the limit, some even get angry. Jacqueline Fernandez refused to go on Comedy Nights Bachao According to the news, Krushna Abhishek made fun of his film 'Paap' and also commented on those era's some films, on which John said that all those films are close to him. When Krushna Abhishek invited John and Sonakshi Sinha for dance, then John denied it. After this, John went away. According to the sources, Krushna went behind John to stop him, but till then he went. It is said that Krushna regrets John's walk out because he believes that John is the honest actor in the industry. Krushna has apologized to John. Ravi Kishan takes revenge from Krushna Abhishek Well, Tannishtha Chatterjee also came to this show for promoting her film 'Parched' and fun was made of her dull color after this Tannishtha left the show. Lisa Haydon was also given racist comment. Then Akshay Kumar controlled the matter. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2016 Bollywood Movies 2017