Kangana Ranaut wants to write a book on her struggle

Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut want to write a book on her life struggle, in which she want to tell the struggle before and after filmy career. During the launch of Journalist Barkha Dutt's book 'The Unquite India', Kangana said, 'The way I have struggled with my failure, that is very serious and I want to write a book on it.' Kangana said, 'I have struggled for like 10 years and I think, what ever today I am, is because of this. Whenever you loose anything and faces failure, so at that time also how u maintain your self-respect that is very important.' Before entering Bollywood, Kangana wanted to become a Doctor, She said, Success in school and coming first in the class was very important for me and if it did happened then I have suffered anger from my parents. On this Kangana said, 'We should teach our children that they is no harm in getting failure, anything does not remain with you forever and such confident is very necessary.