Ghayal Once Again connects with youth : Sunny Doel

Actor-Director Sunny Deol says that his upcoming film Ghayal Once Again is based on youth and youth generation himself connect with this film, for this I had done lots of hardwork. Sunny promoting his film reached a radio station and said, 'This film is based on youth, these people watch the maximum number of films, so it is nice to make films which connects them.' Sunny accepts this that when kids become youth then they realise that the teaching that they have got till now, in that some are right and some are wrong.' When Sunny was asked about the favourite star in those 4 youth, then he said, 'there is no particular favourite. This film is a subject, which I have made on the present time scenario. You will be able to connect yourself with any of the stars in the film.' Actor said he has made this film like Ghayal only. That time 1990 era was shown now 2016 time is shown.