Irrfan Khan spoofs party numbers in AIB video

AIB through its new video is again planning to come to you. In this video Irrfan Khan would be seen in an all new look. Known for his serious roles in the Bollywood movies the actor here would be seen making jokes of the schemes used to promote movies in Bollywood. In this video, some boys sitting with Irrfan forces him to make a video, and the boy sitting next to him says that Irrfan can do anything and you can make him do anything. When said that Irrfan has not done any party song, he even agrees to do a party song. In this video that rap that he has sang in that there has been prank played for the Bollywood party songs. What people do to hit a film in Bollywood has been shown in the video.Seeing this video you will remember the "Part all night" song of rapper Honey Singh. Seeking the acting of the actors in the song, who will not stop yourself from laughing. AIM has been in news since the time Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and Karan Johar has bought a serial on its platform and the use of slang words in the program has bought them into legal boundations. Now it is interesting to see that the use of words in this video would create any problem or not.