IFTDA Request Maharashtra CM Shri Uddhav Thackeray To Revisit 2 Clauses

The media and entertainment industry has been facing tremendous loss and a big drawback because of the coronavirus lockdown. Following the need for normalising the situation, a zoom meeting between the prime stake holders of the media industry and the authorities was conducted. Recently, a GR was released by the Maharashtra government pertaining to resumption of work in the Media and Entertainment industry. Since a few relaxations regarding the lockdown are being provided all across the country, the authorities took relevant actions in an attempt to help resume work in the media industry. However, the Indian Film & Television Directors' Association (IFTDA) did not quite agree with a few clauses that were mentioned in the GR and requested the authorities to revisit them to suit everybody's needs. The IFTDA president, hence, sent a signed application to Maharashtra Chief Minister Shri Uddhav Thackeray.

The IFTDA had an issue with a clause mentioning that any person above 65 years of age would not be allowed to work as many renowned working celebrities in the industry happen to be 65 years and above. Another clause that the IFTDA had an issue with is that a doctor and a nurse would be required to be stationed at every shooting premises. The IFTDA mentioned that doing so would be of no help due to the already prevailing non-availability of medical staff in the country. The IFTDA also suggested that it would be better if a doctor and a nurse would be available in every area the shooting would be taking place in. The IFTDA thanked the authorities for the intervention and for releasing the GR which happened to match every requirement of the industry, however, these 2 clauses happened to be problematic. The application was further signed by the President, Ashoke Pandit.

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