Freedom of Speech also means Right To Be Silent : Shahrukh Khan

Now-a-days Shahrukh is busy promoting his film Fan. Shahrukh Khan during the trailer launch of fan said that Freedom of Speech also means Right to Be Silent. Media questioned me about my experience after my statement on Intolerance. Shahrukh said -I would just do one appeal. On answering the question on issue of Intolerance, he said, 'When ever I see Mumbai Indians and KKR match then I just do one Appeal - Out. I do not want to get trapped in other things. Freedom of Speech also means Right to Be Silent. So, I will keep quite on talks of Intolerance.' Let me tell you, on 2 November, on his 50th Birthday he said Intolerance is increasing in the Country. After this he was opposed everywhere. His movie Dilwale was also boycotted. Apology was costly on Statement : During a TV show, Shahrukh said, 'I never said, that Intolerance is increasing in Country. Wrong perceptions were made out of my statement.' Further he said, 'If anybody got hurt with this, then I am really sorry.' What he said after the issue : When Aamir khan also came in controversies after giving his opinion on Intolerance, then Shahrukh Khan retracted his earlier statements. He said, 'I never said, India is intolerant, when I was asked this question, then I only said that Youngsters should focus on making Secular Progressive Society.' Still this issue is behind Shahrukh Khan : Shahrukh Khan was also opposed in Hansraj College on 15 February. Here he came to take his B.A Degree after 28 Years. Shahrukh when reached the college, then a group of students started protesting against him on his statement of intolerance. Police arrested 4 students. After that they were released. Opposed during the shooting of Raees in Bhuj : Shahrukh in February first week reached Bhuj, Gujarat for the shooting of Raees. As soon as Vishwa Hindu Parishad got to know about the shooting of the film, then their members started protesting against it. Shooting of the film was done in Bhuj, Godhara and Mandvi beach, but in starting the shooting was cancelled in Bhuj because of the VHP protest. After that shooting took place under securities. Stones were also thrown at Shahrukh Khan's car. From where this Intolerance Issue started : In Dadri, one man got killer in doubt of keeping cow meat. Before that Kannada writer Kalburgi got murdered. From here itself, the issue of Intolerance got increased. Return of Awards got started. More than 40 writers returned their Academy Awards. 13 Historians and some scientist also returned their National award. Filmmakers like Dibakar Banerjee returned their National Award. Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, AR Rahman gave their opinion on Intolerance, which were in Controversies.