"Fast and Furious 8" is not getting any director

It is very  shocking to hear that the ht franchise "Fast and Furious 8" producers are not getting and director for the new series of this movie. The seventh part of this series was released a few time back. This film has got a great love by the audience. It was then news that the 8th part of the movie will come soon. But now it has been heard that the makers of the movie are not getting any director. According to the Hollywood reports, Justin Lin associated with the movie said that Justin Lin is linked with The Kanjyuring 2. In this regard the search of director is on. It was even news that there was conflict between Vin Diesel and Wan during Fast and Furious 7.The producers told in this regard that if this would have happened than why they would plan the eighth part of the movie with him. Thy said that they are searching for the caste of the film. Also there is search for the director as well. They said Justin Lin these days is busy with the shoot of The Kajyuring 2.That is why it is taking so much time.