Director Nishikant Kamat became bald for been a villain in Rocky Handsome

When a director makes a movie then he chooses good actors who can do anything for making role better. Same when a director is acting in a film then he has to set a example for others. Nishikant Kamat has also tried same in his upcoming film Rocky Handsome. Nishikant has directed the film Rocky Hansome but also played a main villain in the film. For making the character dangerous and powerful Nishikant became bald. Nishikant is daily shaving his head for being regular in his look. Nishikant said, I am trying very hard to making my character very powerful and my assistant directors eyes are always on me that my head should shave daily. If I forget this then he recalls me. John Abraham and Shruti Haasan are playing lead roles in the film and John Abraham is also producing the film. The film is going to release on 25th March 2016.