The Dialogue Promo Of ‘Partition 1947’ Is Intense

Ever since we came to know that Gurinder Chadha is coming up with the movie based on Indo-Pak Partition, it’s been doing rounds. Of course, it is not a Bollywood film, the movie has actually released in the UK back in March this year, now they are looking to release the movie in India and it’s good that the movie is releasing at this time, quite frankly, this is the best time for this movie to release. Independence Day is coming up and people want to see something like this. The official trailer of the movie has already released and it was amazing, we came to know some facts that not many people know from the trailer. The movie will obviously say a lot about it and the people in the country must know those things. It will show how politics gave birth to two nations and the hate towards them. The movie will be interesting, entertaining and emotional as well. Today, the makers of the movie have released some dialogue promos, which is quite intense. The first promo starts with Lord Mountbatten saying, “I will be the last Viceroy of India, and I will take this role with pride”, it proceeds with Jawaharlal Nehru asking him, “What orders did you get”. We also get to know that 30 million Hindu and Sikh wants one nation but 3 million Muslims don’t want that. We also see that Mahatma Gandhi wants Jinnah to make the first government but Nehru doesn’t want that. There are a lot of politics going on as we see in the promos. They know the fact that the Partition will involve people’s life but as mentioned earlier politics made that decision and it is shown very well in these promos. The movie Partition: 1947 will release on 18th August in India and is expected to have a good response.
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