Vivek Oberoi appreciated Salman Khan's Sultan

Everyone must be aware of controversies between Vivek Oberoi and Salman Khan because of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. After leaving Salman, Aishwarya was committed to Vivek and since then war is on between Salman and Vivek, Now people will be shocked seeing Vivek appreciating Salman Khan's film 'Sultan'. Vivek said that seeing any big stars playing such different roles and takes different subject. He said, 'We should all appreciate good films and should feel happy for successful film, we are from one industry only.' Let me tell you, 'Salman has played wrestler role in the film and whole film is based on wrestling. Till now Vivek has not watched Sultan, but he is happy with the success of the film. He said, 'I have not seen Sultan, bit I've heard that it's wonderful. When I saw it's trailer then I liked it. I'm very happy for the whole team of Sultan, because this is good for industry. Vivek also said that he will definitely go to the theatres and will see Sultan. Vivek Oberoi is excited for his film 'Great Grand Masti' which is releasing on 15th July. Well this film is leaked online and may makers have to face the loss. Let me tell you, it was the situation that, Vivek Oberoi called an press conference and accused Salman Khan for drinking aand calling him 41 times and was also abusing him and also threatened him to end friendship with Aishwarya. However, Vivek later apologized to Salman, but the crack is still not refilled between them. Now lets see, what Salman says on this.