Dhanak : Movie Review : Hetal Gada, Krrish Chhabria, Rajiv Laxman , Vibha Chibber , Vipin Sharma

Name of the Film Dhanak
Critics Rating 3 stars
Director Nagesh Kukunoor
Star cast Hetal Gada, Krrish Chhabria, Rajiv Laxman , Vibha Chibber , Vipin Sharma
Genre Drama
Duration  2 Hours
Date Released 17 June 2016
These days in Bollywood, trend is going on of Mega Budget, Multi starrer films, so because of this those movie don't get theatres who tries to give a good message to the society. Now on Friday when after so much of controversy, Multistarrer or big budget film will be released, then films like Dhanak will not get much theatres, making such films are easy but make them play in theatres is as difficult as climbing Mount Everest. Now lets review the movie Dhanak of director Nagesh Kukunoor, I think Nagesh loves Rajasthan, so thats why Nagesh has shown the beauty of Rajasthan amazingly. Story : Story of this film is about a 8 years old Chotu (Krrish Chhabria) and his sister Pari (Hetal Gada) who lives a small village of Rajasthan. Chotu is blind, her sister has only one dream that Chotu could see this beautiful world with his eyes, she wants his brother to see the world before his 9th Birthday, Pari has taken the responsibility to get eyes for his brother, she works hard for it, but money is letting less for the operation, Chotu is fan of Shahrukh khan, so Pari sees Shahrukh Khan's poster, in which it is appealed to donate eyes, so she writes a letter to Shahurkh Khan for his brother eyes. Postman gives her first letter to Shahrukh's house, but stays rest of the letter, now Pari wants for SRK's letter, then one day she get to know that Shahrukh khan is near her village of a films shooting, then she takes her bother to make him meet Shahrukh Khan, in this journey interesting turn comes, but she continues the journey, will she be able to meet Shahrukh Khan ? Will Chotu eyes come back ? For this you have to see the film. Acting : Whole film revolves around Brother and sister character. They both have done great acting, we must appreciate them, they made theri character alive. Other actors also did great work. Direction : Nagesh Kukunoor again has made a film which will be loved by his fans. He has given the message in the film very easily. Message of being together always. This film have been made tax free before it's release. But it did not happen. Location of this film is a plus point. Music : Along with song Dama Dum Mast Qalandar, there are many songs in the film, but all song are fit on film's situation, this song have folk song and folk music. Why To Watch : If you are fond of good films, fan of Nagesh films, then go and see this film and trust me you will see something new on the screen.