Court willl give it's decision on Monday over 'Udta Punjab'

Battle between Censor Board and Bollywood has gained the momentum now over Udta Punjab. Movie Producer Anurag Kashyap knocked High Court over Censor Board decision, on which hearing was done today. Both the side lawyers presented their arguments, now last hearing on this case will be done on Monday and decision will be also given on Monday only. Censor Board's lawyer said, scenes that are cut from the film "Udta Punjab" are obscene. Word that are used in the songs are also Objectionable, that is also wrong. Dialogue 'Zameer Banger tho Aulaad Kanjar' is also not acceptable. This show bad image of Punjab, as it is fertile land. Word Kanjar can be removed from the film. Now court says, be it be cinema or tv, let people see, everyone has option. He also said to Censor Board that, which this film is getting unnecessary publicity. During this, film producer's Lawyer presented and gave examples of Delhi Belly, Bandid Queen, Gangs of Wasseypur. These were also passed by Censor Board.