Its too hard to survive in Bollywood without backup : Raima Sen

Actress Raima Sen believes that it is hard in Bollywood for the struggler's who only rely on the Idusty for their career without any back up. Daughter of Moon Moon Sen, Raima said that it never feel secured during my Bollywood , because I knew that if I face any problem then I have my family for the help. Raima told, 'There is risk on everyone there on getting good work. Acting is my passion that's why I don't take my family support. That's why is is easy for me, for other women it is not easy. I also have Bengali cinema as a backup. In Bengal Raima name is Kamaya. But she says she is a struggling actress in Bollywood. 36 years old actress said, 'I am still struggling. After so many years also struggling has not ended. There was time, when I was sitting in home for 2-3 years as I had no work. This is not easy. She told, 'If I don't get anything in Mumbai, then I can go back. but those who have come here without any support and they have to help their family and have opted it as their profession, then I believe that it is difficult for them. There is lots of struggle.'