Censor board asked to lower down the language used in the movie "Titli"

Dibakar Benarjee seems to be excited for his movie "Titli". He is busy in the promotion of the movie these days. In a promotional event he told that there are many problems in regard to the language of the film. Dibakar talking about the language of the film said that, when the first screening of the movie was put in front of the censor board then there was no problem. They even did not cut anything from the movie. They too were happy about this. Then after sometime the chairman of the censor board told them that the language of the movie is too loud. Then they thought what to do on it and finally left the decision on the chairman of the board only. Then after two weeks they got call from the chairman and was told that they will again think about their decision. They then only pointed the three scenes in the movie and finally gave green signal to the movie. Before the film was being passed they had told the censor board that 50 percent of the loud language has been reduced in the movie. They are now happy that no editing has been done in the movie. Talking about the work done on the movie for 3 years he said, they have worked on the film for more than 3 years. It is a family movie in which the importance of relationship is being depicted. Also talking about the Marathi film "Court" Debakar said that he has not seen the movie , but he feels that the best movie should represent the country in Oscars. The film Titli has been directed by Kanu Behl.This film is based on a family. In this actors like Ranvir Shorey, Shashank Arora, Amit Sial, Shivani Raghuvanshi and Lalit Behl are in lead role. The movie will release on 3 October 2015.