Sanjay Dutt should follow Gandhigiri : Shatrughan Sinha

After getting release from the Jail, Sanjay Dutts fans are congratulating him in their own way. Bollywood Actor Shatrughan Sinha expressed his feeling on release of Sanjay Dutt by giving some advice. Shartughan tweets and said, 'Sanjay Dutt shud now follow Gandhigiri that he preached in Munnabhai MBBS. Happy for his family & friends who waited for him to be released.' Shatrughan Sinha expressed his happiness for his family and friends, who waited for his release and also said, Sanjay also is relieved after his release. I am feeling happy for true Indian and Nationalist, Late Sunil Dutt. Sanjay Dutt was found Guilty for keeping illegal weapon during the serial bomb attacks in Mumbai. He was given 6 years imprisonment for 6 years for keeping AK-57 and destroying it. After that Supreme court reduced the punishment for 5 years. Well seeing his good behaviour, he has been released before his term. Now he wants to give all his time to films.