Box office : Airlift 4th day collection

The Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur starer film Airlift has been released this Friday and charmed everyone through its performance. Airlift is based on the real life incident in the history of India. In 1990's when Iraq attacked to Kuwait for crude oil that time 1 lakh 70 thousand Indian people got struck in Kuwait. That time Kuwait government also left their country to save their lives. In this strucking period a businessman Ranjit Katyal saves that Indian people and took home to them. The film already made profit through its earning in the Box office. The box office collection report of the film is saying how the film is performing in the theaters. The film made collection of 44.30 crores in its opening weekend. Now the film performing in the week days so it became difficult for the collections in that time. The film collected 10.40 crores on its 4th day i.e. Monday and made total collection to 54.70 crores, which showing how the film is going so far. Tuesday can become a hit day for the film because of National holiday, now it has to see how much the film earn on this day. However the film is showing the character of Ranjit Katyal but in the real time there were two businessmen saved the life of Indian citizen in Kuwait. Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kumar nailed it through their performances in the film. And this is not going to shock if Akshay Kumar will get National award for the film and its such new content.