Bombay High Court freed Salman Khan from Hit and Run Case

2002 hit and run case, Bollywood Salman khan have been acquitted by Bombay High Court. As soon as Salman entered the Court room, Justice A.R Joshi said - Acquitted. Court acquitted Salman Khan from 13 years old hit and run case. Session court on 6 May sentenced Salman 5 years of imprisonment. This in accident one was killed and four were seriously injured. Salman Khan's advocate Amit Desai said, We are satisfied with High Court's verdict. This is a big relax for Salman Khan and he is very happy. Court has returned Salman Khan's Passport. Justice A.R Joshi said, procecution was not successful to prove any charges on Salman Khan. It was not prove that actor was drunk and driving. So Salman was not found guitly. When the decision was given by Justice A.R Joshi, Salman himself was there in the court. Salman Khan became emotional after hearing the decision. Relief was given to Salman Khan on Monday itself when Bombay High Court said that the statement given by Salman Khan's bodyguard Ravindra Patil is not factual completely. On 28 September, 2002 accident, Patil said, "Salman Khan was driving SUV, who killed one man and 4 were injured, is not true completely. Salman Khan's bodyguard was with Salman Khan when this accident happened. Lower court gave his decision on Ravindra Palit's statement and sentenced Salman 5 years of imprisonment. Then Salman Khan challenged the decision in High Court. The Judge also expressed a view that the prosecution should have examined Kamaal Khan, singer friend of Salman, who was with him in the car when the mishap occurred on September 28, 2002. The Court said, "this court has come to the conclusion that the prosecution has failed to bring material on record to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the appellant (Salman Khan) was driving and was under the influence of alcohol, also, whether the accident occurred due to bursting (of tyre) prior to the incident or tyre burst after the incident…,” Justice Joshi remarked.