Alok Nath's Son Shivang Nath arrested by the police

Alok Nath's Son Shivang Nath was arrested by the police when he was driving the car while he was drunk. Since then lots of jokes are been cracked on Social media over Alok Nath. With this behaviour of his son, Alok Nath is very shameful and he said to give sacraments. Alok Nnath said, 'My son was there in the court and he has accepted his crime on his own. This is his first mistake, so court only gave him a warning and left him. Being a father, I have made him understand that not to drive car while driving. I will definitely give him sacraments and I believe that he will learn from his mistake. Let me tell you, 24 years old Shivang with this 3 friends was coming from a pub. On Monday Night, Bandra Traffic Division indicted to stop the car, but despite of shopping, he increased his speed, Police chased his car and took him to Santa Cruz Police Station. Lat Alok Nath was seen with Sunny Leone in a No Smoking Ad along with Deepak Dobriyal. Alok Nath is seen in many famous movies like Phool Bane Angaarey, Vivaah, Jamai Raja, Tirangaa, Hulchal, Jeet, Taal, Na Tum Jano Na Hum and many more. He is also seen in Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai'. You may also know: Aloknath with Sunny Leone in No Smoking Ad Upcoming movies List