Om Puri Apologized for his comment over Indian Soldiers

Veteran Actor Om Puri apologised for his comment against Indian Army. For this statement, he is been opposed everywhere. The complaint was also registered against him. During a debate over the banning of Pakistan Artist, Om Puri said about the Indian Army, 'Who asked the soldiers to join the Army? Who asked them to took weapon.' After this statement of Om Puri, issues were created. He was opposed very badly. A good friend of Om Puri, Anupam Kher also opposed his comment. The complaint was also registered against him. Seeing himself trapped from everywhere, he apologised for his comment. He said, 'Whatever I said, I'm ashamed of it and I should be punished. First of all, I want to apologise to the families of Martyrs of Uri Attack. If they forgive me, then I want to apologise to the whole country and Army. I know this is not fair that first you speak too much, and then you think that after saying sorry everything will be fine.' Along with the sorry, he also demanded punishment. The actor said, 'I'm a accused and I should be punished. I want my trial to be done by Army. Court Marshal should be done. I want a creative punishment. Army should train me how these weapon works and send to that location where our brave souls fought with them. I shouldn't be spared. I request my country to punish me.' Om Puri apologised but being such big actor, they should think before speaking. Especially when an issue is linked with Country and Army. You may also know : Om Puri Insults Indian Soldiers Upcoming movies List