Alia told, how it feels when you get raped

When Udta Punjab trailer came out, since then Alia Bhatt's character was appreciated. After the film was released, her father Mahesh Bhatt and many were appreciating her. Shahid said that Alia should get National Award for this film. Alia said in an interview, it is not easy to play the role of a girl who is raped many times. Shahid Kapoor says that Alia Bhatt has done tremendous work in Udta Punjab. So she should get National Awards. Alia says that, 'Shahid is saying this, since I have signed this film, before the shooting of the film, Shahid said to me that If I did this role amazing then, National Award is for sure. Shahid is a great human.' Alia said, 'Film has no need of censor. You cannot tell the makers what to keep in the film and what to remove. Filmmakers make film with lots of responsibility. Alia said when Udta Punjab was released then my mother was not in the city. Her mother saw this film after 3 days. Alia told, when she saw the film, she directly came to me and holded my hands and started crying. Alia said, See you feel uncomfortable during rape scenes. However, we know that it's just a scene and part of our work. This is not happening in real. Still doing this is not easy. When a person comes close to you, hold you hand tightly and try to press it infront of whole crew.'