Ajay Devgn is happy that Shivaay is releasing, but he regrets his one film which was not released

Ajay Devgn these days is busy promoting his most important film 'Shivaay'. Shivaay will release in Diwali, but Ajay today also regrets about his one film which was not released. Ajay this film was produced by the producers of his debut film 'Phool Aur Kante' Dinesh Patel. Ajay tells that the era in which he came in this industry that time people used to play more attention towards emotions, not promotions. They all know that film will not be a success, still, they used to make the film because were not able to see the pain of few producers. Ajay tells that he did Dinesh Patel film because of Emotional reasons. Dinesh Patel was the producer of the first film of Ajay Devgn, so he did not want to upset him, but still film is not released, even after it was completed. Ajay tells that Dinesh Bhai is now no more. he tried very hard to release that film, still, it was not released. Because now everything is professional. Ajay says that 'It can happen that people say about start era of Hero that we have done kiddish movies. We can be professionally wrong. But our emotions were not wrong. Today producer will not have an expectation that he will do a film for friendship. New generation heroes will never do that.' Ajay said further that actors of his era like Salman Khan, Akshay and he himself can do a film for friendship, as the current industry has completely changed. You can not keep any emotional expectations from any one. You may also know : Ajay Devgn Upcoming Movies Bollywood Movies 2017