Aamir Khan's Paani Foundation is working on 'Water Conservation'

Aamir Khan who made a comment last year over intolerance because he that he has faced a lot of criticism, so over this despite given clarification, he has answered everything through social work and he is real Raja Hindustani and he will stay in this country till he dies. Actually, Aamir Khan and his organisation 'Paani Foundation' did something which not even done by any government. Without spending any money, Aamir and his organisation have worked on water conservation in 116 villages, which government cost is 272 crores and this is said by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Aamir Khan told that because of his School friend Satya, his interest towards Social service increased. After Satyamev Jayate, we got to know that India wants to get changed. After three seasons, we decided to work on Paani and will start from Maharashtra. Then Paani foundation was formed. Now with this 'Paani Foundation,talukha' water conservation was done in 116 villages of Maharashtra. Aamir Khan guided the activists of Indian Jain Organisation who came to Pune on Sunday and said that his this organisation is a communicator between the people. Other work is done by the people only. Aamir khan told that he was even scared if it doesn't get successful, but in 1.5 years, water conservation is done in 116 villages. Work is done in Three talukas and now work will be done in 30 talukas. We need 10 times more Resources. Aamir Khan's one supported even left his doctor profession. Aamir Khan has joined hands with Shantilal Mathu's Indian Jain Organisation for part 2. They have done water conservation in 1000 villages of Maharashtra, so it is important to take the organisation together for Part 2. According to Aamir, Shantilal Mathu is like Lord Krishna to him and Paani foundation has got Krishna and his whole army. If we have to save the water then there should not be a gap in society. Have to join the society. If Maharashtra has to be draught free then everyone has to link together. There are 86000 villages in Maharashtra talukand this campaign will also go in big cities. Aamir Khan has a dream that in 4 years Maharashtra should be a tanker free state. After second round, we have to go to citites. Maharashtra Cm accepted that Government planning will be unsuccessful and if there will be punlic planning, then it will be successful. When Aamir told David Fadnavis about his heart and then Cm suddently offered him as Brand Ambassador of Aqueous suburbs plan, but he did not become brand ambassador and started his own work and he did also. You may also know : Dangal Trailer Bollywood Movies 2016