Prince wants to take his relationship with Nora Further

Bigg Boss 9 winner Prince confirmed that he is spending his time with contestant and Morocco beauty Nora Fatehi. He said, he wants to take his relationship with Noha Fatehi further and Prince has proposed Nora Fatehi in the show. Prince said, 'After coming out of the Bigg Boss house, he wants to take relationship with Nora Fatehi further. Prince said I am with Nora. We always meet and are trying to know each other more. She is just like me and she also came on the perfect time on the show when I was depressed. He increased my self confidence and supported me. When anybody does good for you, then you easily get attracts toward her. Prince say I told her, I love you. I want to carry this relationship not only in the house but also outside. So that's why we are spending time together and we are seeing how can we get comfortable with each other. Prince has also admit that, Nora is not her first girlfrend.