I cannot believe, what Aamir Khan said : Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone recent interview was in discussion and whole Bollywood stand for her on the types of question she was asked. The biggest question was related to Aamir Khan that will he do any films with Sunny Leone, Aamir himself tweets the answer, He supported Sunny and shows his desire to work with her. On getting support of Aamir, on this Sunny said, 'I still can't believe this, whatever he said. I am still shocked, we work together or not, but I will always be his fan.' In an Interview, the anchor asked Sunny Leone that does she wants to work with Aamir Khan, but will ever Aamir Khan wants to work with her. Sunny was appreciated for her answers that she gave in the interview. In a tweet, he also said that he has no problems working with Sunny Leone and I be happy working with her. Sunny also ta;led about the Interview and she also thinks that the interview was taking in a wrong way, but I felt good that how all the celebrities supported me.