Pre-Wedding photoshoot of Divyanka and Vivek

As soon as wedding date is coming close of Divyanka Tripathi and Actor Vivek Dahiya, they are getting more excited. divyanka Recently, they got their pre wedding shoot for wedding story. Diyanka was earing baby pink white gown dress and Vivek wore Dark blue suit. In the pose, Divyanka was standing and Vivek was on her knees and given her flower bouquet. pre wedding Recently in Pre Wedding fuction at Vivek's house, Shagun was also kept. During Shagun, Divyanka was looking very beautiful. Divyanka got Bangles, Ear rings, red chunri and Suhag. Divyanka and Vivek will get married on 8th July. After everyday's shooting, Divyanka talks to her mother and sister about the preparation. vivek-divyanka Divyanka and Vivek met on the set of Yeh Hai Mohobattein.Vivek is playing ACP Abhishek role in the film and they both came close during shooting. After dating each other for 6th month, they both got engaged on 17th January. Vivek belongs from Chandigarh, he has studied from UK, before coming to industry, he has worked in corporate sector.