I am very possessive and protective about Ranbir Kapoor : Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is being shooting her debut film in Hollywood alongside Vin Diesel and she took break of hours to come Mumbai. In Mumbai she again proved her love for Ranbir Kapoor. Earlier there was news that Deepika wants to return for Ranbir Kapoor and when Deepika met Ranbir in Mumbai then this friendship is looking on another level. In an interview she also said that she feel very bad when someone says wrong about Ranbir Kapoor. When in an recent interview asking Deepika that she is protective about Ranbir Kapoor she replied yes I am very protective and possessive about Ranbir Kapoor and when someone says wrong about his career I feel very bad. We have special bonding and friendship and that will never end. Ranbir has become more mature from earlier and he has different understand ability for life for which I ma very happy. However we always says that please not talk about our past love failure, talk about our work. When the same asked to Ranbir Kapoor he said we have separated but we have not ended love for each other. There are many layers for love and all layers can't be end. I today also Deepika and I have proud on her work. When we work together we always discuss little to big things. We both are very positive about our life and moving further. We have become more mature with the time.