OMG : Arijit will now take this step to get apology

Salman Khan has not forgiven Arijit Singh. Arijit wrote an open letter as asked Salman to forgive him. Now Arijit is planning to go to Salman's place. But question arise, will Salman forgive him like this? Arijit said in an interview, 'I went to Salman Khan's house to apologise, but couldn't meet him, then I resorted to a social media apology hoping it will reach him. I am not in Mumbai at the moment But when I will come back, I'll go to his house. Salman did not say anything on this issue till now, but his close actor, Nikhil Advani tweets adn said, 'What Information I have according to that, Salman not once interfered in the choice or askd to remove any singer. He only refused to meet Arijit. His wish!' Arijit letter : arijit Let me tell you, When this argument between Salman and Arijit happened in ‘Guild Awards’. In this, Arijit was given award for his song Tum Hi ho, when he went to take the award, then was looking quite lazy. Then Salman Khan asked him, Was he sleeping? First Arijit ignored Salman Khan and said after taking the award in the hand, when you are making us so bore, then coming sleep is but obvious. However, Salman made fun of his song, but this think made me hurt.