No Amount of Money Can Buy His Self-Respect: Says Sunil Grover

As we all knows Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover is going through big fight after Kapil Sharma's rude behavior with Sunil Grover. It is not the first time Sunil Grover facing this behavior of Kapil Sharma for him but it was much time, Kapil tried to insult Sunil Grover. But this was the time Kapil crossed his limit and instead he got a big punishment from Sunil. The incident happened on air India flight between The Kapil Sharma Show team was unbelievable. Kapil Sharma was drunk too much because of which he tried to misbehave with Sunil and the entire team. The reason was foolish. Kapil Sharma tried to slap Sunil and threw the shoe on him, which was not accepted at all. After this behavior of Kapil Sunil decided to quit the show the Kapil Sharma show, which didn’t digest to Kapil and him apologize much time to Sunil to come back to show. After the huge conversation, he didn’t accept his request to come back. Well, as per the latest report it is been said that Sunil will be back to show with Kapil Sharma. Recently Sunil Grover says that he wishes to engage people by keeping his sense of pride in place and cash is not all that him. The 39-year-old on-screen character, who is prevalent for playing the characters of Dr. Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi on "The Kapil Sharma Show", took to Twitter in the midst of the fracas that stood out as truly newsworthy after an in-flight tussle amongst him and Kapil. "I will likely act and to engage with poise. For me, cash can't be the main motivation to accomplish something, or not to accomplish something," said Grover. This advancement comes in after the comedian played out a gig in Delhi on April 1 in the midst of column with Kapil. As of late, Grover posted a note via web-based networking media in which he requested that the host start respecting human beings also apart from animals" Kapil had rejected their fight as "a contention" in a Facebook post, however, Grover has shown that all is not well between them. He additionally took to twitter to apologize to Grover, saying, "Too bad on the off chance that I hurt you inadvertently. You know exceptionally well the amount I cherish you. I am additionally vexed. Love and respects."