New set of Bahubali 2 got ready, photo got leaked

Katappa Ne Bahubali Kyo Mara ? To know this everybody is waiting for Babubali to release, which is underproduction. Film's art director Sabu Cyril has created it's new set. In in Interview he told about the set and the shooting of the film. According to Sabu, About 300-500 people are working in the production of Bahubali 2. In this Painter, Carpenters, Construction workers adn Artist are included. If to believe then Bahubali is his biggest film. He is working on more than 10 film, tells that Bahubali is very challenging/. You have to keep many things in mind in Period and War films like, Big Set, Characters, warriors, animals and reality. He is enjoying this challenge. He is also working in Rajinikanth's 2.0. According to Sabu, For this film, he is working from Mechanical snakes to Horses and Elephants. Because during the battle, you cannot show the falling horse and it is not easy with computer graphics even He has also worked on Arms, dress and weapons. He also tells that he is using Industry purpose production at big level, that too for first time. Many things are costly. Sanu tells that for war things and set, to look more effective, he has used many things. We have done 3D printing in both the parts. For the first time, I have used Carbon fiber, it is that material, from which blade of Helicopters are made. it is a powerful steal. We have made such weapons which looks strong, but it soft and doesn't harms actors. For war sequence, we have used Chains, helmet and Rocks. Sabu tell that for war sequence, to make human dummy, we have used Flex foam. Seep discussion happen with Rajamouli on each scene. Rajamouli is directing this film. Bahubali is releasing on 17th June. Prabhas, Rana Daggubatti, Anushka Shetty and Ramya Krishnan are playing important role in the film. You may also know : Tamanna Bhatt learning Horse riding for Bahubali