New Poster Release of Brothers Movie Akshay-Jacqueline

Akshay Kumar and Siddharth Malhotra's movie brothers Awesome action packed these days enough to discussion. Everyone is waiting for the release of the film. Well, the story of two brothers, David and Monty, who love each other very much in childhood, but for some reason grow up to become enemies of each other. In the film Akshay Kumar and Jacqueline Fernandes has a small love story, you will quite emotional. Film brothers' was released a new poster, which is seeing a glimpse of both love. Both have a lovely daughter. Here's the poster. New poster Brothers Movie Akshay-Jacqueline Film brothers' makers released this poster on Twitter and wrote with it, "David and Jenny 'brothers' to redefine the love." In the film, Akshay Kumar, David and Jacqueline Fernandes, Jenny made. As soon as these new posters have been released, The film is being released on August 14. Well it has been quite a hit before release. So far, millions of people watched the trailer on YouTube and has shown quite like this. It was in 2011 Hollywood film "Warriors" is a remake of. The major roles are Jackie Shroff and Shefali Shah.