Neighbour called police after getting disturbed by Kareena Kapoor's party

Kareena kapoor these days is in news for her upcoming film Ki and Ka and she is even excited about it. So much excited that she was partying with a loud music. But recently this excitement converted as problem for her neighbour. Neighbour got so troubled that they complained to the police. News is this that Police shut the part because of loud music. Monday night Kareena Kapoor planned party for her friends. Occasion was of Ki and Ka special screening. Amrita Arora, Sonam kapoor, Karan Johar and Karisma Kapoor were present there. Everyone was in mood. This party of Kareena was continued whole night. Source told, 'This was the party after film. Kareena is busy travelling for the promotion of the film. However, she took out sometime for her friends. After seeing the film, party got started.' Source told, 'After neighbour complaint, party was shut by the police due to loud music. When she got to know that this complaint was done by her neighbour then she herself reduced the sound. No big issue was created.